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Job Application Copilot

Transform your approach to job applications,

Partner with an AI copilot for success.

One-click, Accurate and Fast

Autofill Job Application

Save time on repeated efforts

Automatically import data from LinkedIn

Unmatched accuracy and adaptability, powered by AI

Integrated into application seamlessly

Smart answer, cover letter, resume retouch and more

Answer boring subjective questions in a snap

Customizable tone and professional writing style

Tailor-made cover letter and resume retouch

Job applications redefined: AI at your service


Beyond your expectation

Analyze job requirements relevance

Retouch resume based on keyword

Discover the company and industry efficiently

Avoid missing similar job opening

Get connected with future co-workers and ask for referrals

What is a Job Application Copilot?

Imagine it as a heads-up display (HUD) that guides you, providing real-time assistance and insights.

The innovative copilot streamlines the application process, making it smoother, efficient and empowered.

Frequently asked questions

    What is the idea of JobWizard?

    We are the bridge that connects job seekers with AI.

    How to use? Why it's not exactly an app?

    We're not an app or a website; we're a Chrome extension that pops up when you are on a job description page. The idea is to seamlessly incorporate the AI-powered extension into your existing job application process, as opposed to using distracting and isolating apps.

    How to use:

    1. Add to Chrome

    2. Sign up and upload your LinkedIn url

    3. Confirm your profile

    4. Go on any job site, Linkedin, Indeed, Greenhouse, JobWizard will be there

    Why don't we show more marketing materials?

    We are still focusing on the product side. It's incredibly hard to make an AI product stable and magical at the same time. We are confident that the innovation and uniqueness of our product minimize the need for extensive marketing.

    What is JobWizard good at?

    Two things:

    1. Fast, accurate and generic autofill

    2. All-in-one, useful features you can't find else where

    How could this be free?

    Good question. We are not free soon. We didn't want to charge users when we are not good enough.

Pricing Plan

Powered by ChatGPT and third-party APIs

JobWizard: All-in-one Job Application Copilot

Smoother, Efficient and Empowered

  • Autofill Application
  • Generate Application Answers
  • Retouch Resume, Cover letter
  • Find Similar Jobs
  • Connect Future Co-workers for Referrals
  • Analyze Job Requirements
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We are serving more than 5000 users.

We will release membership system soon.

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